stevensE3 has always recognized the value and efficiency of having a CNC router at our disposal but today, we add a CNC that gives us the ability to cut faster, cut with greater precision, and with more flexibility than ever before. Our new MultiCam 3000 CNC router has the ability to cut at over 1000 inches per minute, cutting through plywood, melamine and MDF in a single pass in many cases. Also, with the addition of a mulit-tool changer (we can now computer control up to 8 tools), we are able to increase our cutting options without having to change tools and setup the machine for each type of cut we want to achieve. A great timesaver!

We asked stevensE3 CNC program director Pete Rastonis what this means from our client's perspective. Pete responded by saying " this machine can turn products around much more quickly and with more precision that our previous machine. Also, with the greater flexibility in having multiple tools to choose from, we are able to provide greater efficiency in operation. Bottom line is we are able to turn high quality products around just that much quicker! Also, with the improved software and technology aspects offered by this machine, we are able to train more people to operate the machine in a safe and efficient manner. It's a more user friendly machine!"