20 x 30 Peninsula Exhibit


As global company in the pharmaceutical industry, ACIC wanted to showcase two main product groups within the booth space. It was important to present a very professional and well established corporate look on the show floor. Large equipment as well as small products were to be featured. A meeting area designed for comfortable and semi-private environment for customers was important, separate from the product areas. The client required a reception area for welcoming attendees, offering refreshments and casual conversation. A charging station would offer a service to support several mobile devices at one time. A closed in storage room was needed for daily supplies and personal belongings.


A well structured and open booth environment offered ACIC open space to showcase the two product areas. Overhead signage gave company branding in all 4 directions - attracting attendees from all areas of the trade show floor. Large machinery along with large video monitors presented strong visual messaging to draw potential customers closer to the booth space.  Display cases with smaller items and the reception area with the charging station, enticed people into the center of the booth. A welcoming a relaxing meeting area offered the physical space and opportunity to encourage in-depth conversations, and stay longer. ACIC was pleased to engage with several potential partners with very positive forecasts for success.

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