Argentine Beef

20 x 30 Peninsula Exhibit


Prepare a construction method that worked to accomplish the look and feel the client was working to achieve, including raised flooring with a natural wood feel, audio visual aspects, a kitchen for food preparation, client meeting space, a greeting area and large visuals. However, stevens E3 was required to work within tight budget constraints, and interpret an international design into something that would work feasibly within Canada.


Stevens developed a solution utilizing mostly rental elements to construct a booth that fit within the harmony of the clients existing brand, thereby extending their brand to within the Canadian marketplace. Large visuals applied to a rental laminate wall allowed for excellent brand recognition along with dimension 3D cut letters mounted to the surface of a large overhead structure that allowed for distance visibility. A kitchen was incorporated into the storage area of the exhibit allowing the client to prepare light food and coffee for visitors. A large video monitor behind the front reception provided for continuous looping video of presentations.

stevens E3 was able to bend a largely system based solution with some custom elements in order to meet the clients visual branding requirements within a budget the client could afford.