20 x 20 Modular Island


Design an exhibit that presented CCPV as a Tier 1 company. They did not want to look like they were new to the market. The display needed to have high impact - to stop the traffic and be noticed. Attendees - mostly engineers and designers - want very technical information. Multiple media centers were needed to show first-hand the capabilities of the test facilities that CCPV could produce on their own. The atmosphere needed to be friendly - not too formal, but welcoming - CCPV will be a reliable Partner. A meeting area was required for semi-private conversation. The exhibit also needed to be modular and adapt to a variety of booth sizes, from 10 x 10 to 20 x 20.


The 20 x 20 display, with tall central tower and custom accent lighting, attracts attendees from all directions of the tradeshow floor. The CCPV name and main message is bold and strong from all directions. Large monitors and graphics at the perimeter of the booth draw in prospective partners, inviting them to take a closer look. The layout in the booth is open to allow for good traffic flow, leading to a semi-private meeting area in the center, where in-depth conversations expanded on beneficial offerings.