Frontgate Contract

40 x 40 custom exhibit


Provide a custom exhibit solution that was reflective of client’s luxury brand product line. Our client partner wanted to stand out on the floor and be set apart from their competition with the fit and finish of the exhibit. The booth was to be clean and modern, without looking commercial, and the booth space was to showcase equally both modern and traditional styles of outdoor furniture. It need to be modular in design, largely open in appearance, and despite lots of product to be on display, it should not appear cluttered. Frontgate Contract also wanted to develop a chair wall that would effectively display their chairs in a manner that would make them appear to be floating. The front entrance was to have a grand presence with a large logo treatment.


Stevens E3 was able to successfully design an environment that was clean, bright, and uncluttered with clean traffic flow that carrying attendees through the pavilion. The use of high gloss flooring, and gloss white laminate created a shine to the exhibit, and a look of luxury. A raised section of flooring 10 ft in diameter was created and lit to create a floating look to the platform that would feature a new product that Frontgate was bringing on to the market. Suspended fabric ceiling elements hung over the booth with the large purple cylinders being backlit, thus helping to create the overall environment and draw crowds of attendees. A large backlit sign with illuminated lettering and a large span across the centre of the exhibit was to be a feature entrance point. The exhibit and signage could be seen from multiple aisles away.