Kahlenberg Industries

10 x 20 modular exhibit


Kahlenberg wanted to improve their presence at this important annual event, but did not want to sacrifice the convenience of portability. They wanted an exhibit that was designed to maximize the brand experience but due to the fact that it can take up to 2 days to receive your crates back from show management, they wanted to have a booth designed to allow for the storage of containers/crates behind the exhibit. Product placement and web interactivity needed to be featured as they wanted to demonstrate the look and feel of the product, but were unable to actually demonstrate due to sound restrictions.


Stevens E3 designed a 10 x 20 modular exhibit that could be reconfigured into a 10 x 10 option due to the multiple shows they would attend and the flexibility in size required. The booth was designed to have an area of the booth further forward than the remainder of the exhibit to allow a break in the linear style of an inline exhibit, but also allow for crate storage behind the right side of the exhibit. As more than one crate was required for all the elements, the largest crate was designed to fit all the other crates thereby minimizing the space required for storage. Large visuals were used to exemplify the product in use, and these featured images are easily switched out as the featured products change. Accent lighting and overhead lights helped to draw the eye to key areas within the space, and video was used along with web interaction to allow exhibit attendees to see the products in use.