New Pig Corporation

7m x 19m corner exhibit


Specializing leaks, drips and spills, New Pig had not attended A+A in Dusseldorf for nearly 10 years. They needed to create a big impression and ensure they established a brand recognition within the European marketplace. New Pig wanted to be able to have multiple product demonstrations, give away product samples and promotional items, and run multiple videos within the booth to demonstrate product use situations. Private meetings were less important than the ability to have several meetings at once.



stevensE3 designed an exhibit that utilized the available 8m in height to create distance brand recognition by suspending their mascot and logo as high as possible. Large mural graphics were used along the backwall to depict the history, and product areas that New Pig specialized in. Intimate meeting areas were set along the backwall to allow for multiple meetings to take place, as well as one enlcosed meeting area for more private converations to take place. A total of 10 monitors were present in the booth space, mounted to product kiosks. Each kiosk focused on different product offerings, thereby allowing additional presentations to take place simutaneously. A unique corner feature demonstrated one of the products in a real life circumstance thereby offering immediate lead qualification of attendees as they walked by the booth.

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