Rafael Armament Development Authority

20 x 70 custom exhibit


From supplied concepts, Stevens E3 was to fabricate an exhibit that helped to continue to situate our customer, Rafael, as a major player in the defense industry within the United States. Rafael, an Israeli based defense contractor wanted to support the good relations they have nurtured with the US Army. Products to be displayed within the product area featuring key areas of interest to the United States Army. Facilities to include two large private meeting rooms with soundproof walls and ceiling, storage room, kitchen, lounge, reception and product demonstration space. The key feature of the exhibit would be the 20 ft high, 30 ft wide clear-span overhead structure, which had to be engineered to span the thirty feet without lower support.


Stevens E3 has worked with Rafael, an Israeli based firm, for over 10 years, and in the true sense, we are a partner, working to help be the eyes and ears of Rafael in the United States. Objectives communicated are interpreted into the approach we take with each and every build that we do for Rafael. Our solution for this environment was to develop a lightweight structure taking up almost half of the booth space that would span 30 ft in length, 20 ft in the air. Several custom kiosks for product specific video presentations were custom fabricated. Multi-monitor video walls for product messaging were deployed high on walls to allow for great visibility, and weapons brackets for the support of inert weapons were built to specification and secured to walls that were reinforced to support the load against them. Significant amounts of lighting helped to illuminate and brighten the environment, and prominent logo placement throughout the booth helped create visibility from several aisles away. Private meeting rooms with soundproofed walls and ceilings were built from partial system and custom elements, and a kitchen/storage room helped facilitate the catering requirements of the event and the literature dispensing. A semi-private lounge offered comfortable seating and a table around which to facilitate informal meetings.

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