University of Ontario Institute of Technology

50 x 60 custom modular exhibit


The objective for this exhibit, first and foremost, was to increase the number of leads received from the show floor. The client wished to have a more prominent exhibit that better represented the direction they wanted to go with respect to how they were perceived at the annual OUF Fair. The client wanted to reduce the perceived technical presence they had and develop a more warm, and welcoming environment that was interactive, engaging, and friendly. UOIT wanted to bring their campus to the show floor. Lastly, UOIT wanted to be able to easily and quickly capture and track leads received at the event in an effort to increase overall registration.

UOIT needed an exhibit that would address significant traffic flow issues and the management of directing students/attendees to the program faculties they were specifically interested in for 120,000 attendees across 3 days. They also needed a way to dispense several thousand brochures (prospectuses) and keep dispensers full at all times.


stevens E3 designed and built a unique design that took advantage of an island shape, but tilted the exhibit on its axis in order to attract the eye. Large backlit graphics, glowing LED lighting in corporate colours, and huge overhead tensioned fabric structures helped to identify the brand quickly and effectively. 12 touch screen monitors were included within the pavilion to allow interactivity with students without having to have a UOIT representative with the student all the time, and allowing the student to explore the campus by themselves interactively. Faculty counters, each branded with UOIT branding, were developed with customized brochure dispensing embedded within the counter to reduce floor space but maximize brochure dispensing capabilities. Carpeting was brightly coloured with custom logo inlays to continue the brand experience attendees would have in walking the booth. Our "pathway to success" through the centre of the booth allowed for two "hallways" where campus lifestyle was depicted allowing the student to truly "put themselves on campus" at the event. Elements from architecture within the campus were emulated within the booth environment.

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